Media Planning And Buying

Media Planning & Buying

Consurge Omni Channel Marketing - manage digital campaigns across all mediums and scale seamlessly.

Marketing is all about touch points and when it comes to your digital spend, you want to touch as many voters, customers, and leads as you can. We manage optimized digital campaigns across all available channels.

Display Ads: The foundation of modern day advertising. The richest medium available to collect consumer data and learn from customers.

Mobile Ads: Unlock gigantic audiences with mobile ads. By combining best-in-class targeting with the unparalleled reach of our Omnichannel platform, we are able to deliver your message to more people than ever.

Video Ads: Any screen, any video platform, we are there. Digital and Traditional Video have merged and it is more important than ever to target screen viewers wherever it is they are consuming content.

Audio Ads: Internet Radio and Podcast drive huge numbers of plays, listens and downloads. Audio ads provide a unique method to deliver your message. Modern audio ads benefit from all the advanced tracking capabilities of digital marketing.


Digital Marketing Services In Depth: Display Advertising

Consurge Digital Display: Drive Influence and Impressions. We deliver your brand’s message to the right people at the right time and help you grow.

What Are Display Ads?

Every time you go online, whether searching for a product, reading a favorite site, checking a mobile app, or watching a video, you will likely view a display ad for a product or service in sidebars, banners, or emails. Incorporating visual elements and text with a URL, digital display is the powerhouse of online advertising when it comes to increasing or enhancing your brand’s awareness.

Digital Advertising
Advertisement Targeting

Precision Targeting

Using effective targeting strategies, including geo-targeting behavioral insights, and re-targeting methods, Consurge ensures your message reaches the precise audience you seek in the most valuable online “real-estate.” Create specific parameters for your display ads by controlling which sites they appear on, generate a geographical boundary, and/or choose a target demographic or niche market.

Brilliant Creative

Compelling copy, design, and imagery that captures your brand’s essence at a glance is a key component of effective display campaigns.

Brilliant Creative
Meaningful Analysis And Analytics

Meaningful Analysis, Rapid Adjustments

Using the latest tools to measure key performance indicators, Consurge will help your business maximize the value of your campaign by providing transparent analysis and recommendations on how to quickly adjust message, targeting, or budget to better resonate with audiences and increase conversions.

Affordable, Efficient

Digital display ads are generally the lowest cost entry point in the digital marketplace, and use of strategic data analysis, retargeting methods, and integration with other platforms such as programmatic video, they provide significant return on your investment by drawing relevant traffic to your business website, get more brand visibility, improve conversions, and drive sales.

PPC Ads are cost efficient

How we identify, target and understand our audience:

ID Matching: Proprietary data matching technology allows us to accurately match your voter and list data with over 170 million anonymous voter profiles. With match rates upwards of 70% historically, we help you build accurate, useful segments to target your voters and subscribers more effectively.

Segmentation: Dynamic segmentation provides us the ability to instantly adjust targeting demographics on the fly.

Voter Onboarding & Data Collection: We will unify your cross channel data sources and devices inorder to improve our targeting capability and extend your campaigns reach. Maintaining an up to date database of voter and subscriber information will consistently improve performance.

Voter Insights: Our platform reduces the need for additional daata providers and analytics vendors. Campaigns run via our omnichannel plaform enjoy a reduction in data fragmentation and target audience more effectively as a result. Our data allows for a clear view of voter behavior and access to real time analytics offers valuable subscriber insights you can take immediate action on.

Our Secret Weapon - "Black-Box" machine learning that powers real time campaign optimization.

Audience Optimization - AI cognition engine provides a prediction on how various audience segments will react to creative advertising.

Contextually Aware Event-Analysis-Engine - system can be configured to automatically adjust campaign parameters based on performance based metrics as well as other emergent geo-spacial metrics such as rallies, demonstrations or activity in geo-fenced locations.

Geographic Data Visualizer - Visualize real-time consumer data on top of mappable geographies. Ability to map by districts, geographic areas or even draw custom maps.

The black box is constantly learning from the real-time platform data - With over 36,000 tracked consumer attributes, the system is constantly calling upon this data to ensure it is making decisions based on the most up to date consumer models. Create your campaign using these granular consumer attributes and let the system provide feedback on what is working and what isn't.


Finally, perhaps the most important part: Our platform is FAST!

RTB and additional Bid Optimization ensure you ads reach their intended audiences quickly and with the lowest possible cost per impression.

Creative management system - Place smarter data-drive creative live in minutes. Easily tweak and redeploy.

Our publisher network provides access to two million publishers across every device and platform.

We reach voters, customers, subscribers, and visitors wherever they are and wherever you need to find them.


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