Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Steady traffic and strong online reputation so customers find you.

Search engines drive traffic to your website, bottom line. You can (and should) pay for some traffic through ads, but, with nearly 6 billion daily searches on sites like Google and Bing, you simply cannot afford to ignore search engine optimization (SEO).

Search engines pick up signals on your website, outside your website, and from the user behavior of your visitors. You can improve performance among some of the hundreds of signals they use through SEO.

Based on many factors, including website design, user experience, keyword relevancy, well written content, inbound links, and hundreds of other criteria as new technologies emerge, organic search engine optimization can be thought of as fine-tuning your site to send the correct signals to search engines so more people find you.

SEO marketing can be powerful, but it is also challenging. Search engines are constantly changing, it is often unclear what tune-ups are required, and to competitively rank, you need to optimize architecture, content, and authority, each requiring a specific approach.

The best start to get a handle of these challenges is a consultation with our team to analyze your business in relation to the competition and determine your best course of action. We perform:

Improving Website Architecture

Search engines penalize websites with poor technical components. Optimal performance requires properly configured hosting, page loading speed, removing crawling challenges, and ensuring your pages contain the right structural elements. Whether your site needs fine-tuning or a complete overhaul, Consurge will thoroughly examine your site and identify needed improvements to meet ever-changing search engine requirements.

Keyword Analysis and Development

Possibly the most important step of the SEO process is identifying the search terms or keywords you want to improve upon for better search ranking. In addition to often ubiquitous terms used by your competition which can take years to rank for, we also identify competitive, possibly unique terms where you can see real improvement within months.

Optimized Content Creation

Consurge copywriters will research your business and industry competition to create original content suitable for sharing across the web such as blog posts, web content, and press releases. Importantly, by understanding the requirements of search engines like Google, we provide your business with high-quality copy, videos and images, and authoritative information including solid links and reputable listings.

Service Integration

Working with Consurge offers you the opportunity to benefit from a fully integrated digital marketing program that increases the efficiency of your SEO effort. By taking advantage of our email, social media marketing, display advertising, geofencing, and other tactics to generate fast traffic and utilize our SEO services, you will reinforce your industry presence, whether locally or nationally and thereby increase traffic, improve conversion rates and receive your best ROI.

We successfully schedule hundreds of content items across dozens of digital campaigns every week.

We reach voters, customers, subscribers, and visitors wherever they are and wherever you need to find them.


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