Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Websites + Landing Pages

Your website is the center of your digital campaign and the foundation upon which many things will be built. We build high performance, SEO Optimized websites that will position you for explosive list growth and lead generation. We work with each client to build a customized sales / marketing funnel that best suits their prospect demographic and expectations. Our funnels convert!

We have expertise building industry standard landing pages across multiple platforms including on our own websites (with Gravity Forms), WinRed, Anedot and ActBlue. We know all the tricks, customizations and steps to ensure your landing pages convert.

Email Marketing

All experienced marketers know "the money is in the list". While some have lost sight of this fact in the social media age, we understand exactly how critical email marketing is to a successful campaign.

We have decades of experience in list acquisition and development. If you are interested in purchasing marketing lists, or appending data to existing lists, we may be able to help. Our ability to append consumer data to the lists we manage ensures we are able to craft and deliver successfully targeted messages that cut through the email clutter, and even the spam box.

Opt-In List Management: We are experts in email marketing communications with opt-in consumers. We combine proven content strategies that curate engaged and invested followers with proven sales strategies that will generate leads, sales, donations and sign ups. Email automation, auto-responder series, targeted campaigns, and cross platform integrations and form collection take your list building and delivery to the next level. Unleash the power of your most loyal supporters!

Cold E-Mail Marketing: Having trouble tapping into the power of your list? Get in touch, we have the solution.

Social Media Marketing

Success with social media doesn't happen on accident. It takes a plan and consistent execution to grow the powerful and valuable following you need. Let us come up with the strategy you need to accomplish your goals.

Consurge Social Media Management

When it comes to social media management, we manage social media for multiple clients using a proven and transparent formula: # of unique content items X # of posts X # of platforms = Price.

We create content that amplifies candidates, engages existing audiences, and attracts new supporters, donors and customers.

  • Original content such as photography, videography, drawings, graphics, animations and motion graphics, all custom tailored to each social media platforms specifications.
  • Unique concepting, copywriting and hash tag generation to develop your campaign message and support your objectives.
  • Experiences such as Polls, Petitions, Questionnaire's, and Games to capture data from leads, donors and sales.

On our social media platform, you will always remain in control of the message. Our social media management platform provides a robust approval pipeline inside of our client portal. If active management isn't your style, let us know during onboarding and we will explain to you how we can run your project on auto-pilot. We do our best to meet the needs of our customers!

Social Media Coaching And Strategy Sessions

Are you looking for guidance on your next social campaign? In search of social media coaching? We provide this crucial service over phone, zoom and email (in any combination) to a number of clients, both as a stand alone service and as a component of a larger weekly strategy check in. Clients who work with us on a regular basis like to take advantage of our poven ability to drive topical content by providing us updates on the important news and events in their markets. From there we work together to brainstorm great viral content that will garner shares, likes and clicks.

Other common coaching topics include technical implementation guidance and troubleshooting, tactical and strategic discussions such as posting schedules and strategy, testing approaches, and of course, how to write copy that will get people to do what you want them do to. And while our team may tend to find "Influencers" a little... gauche, the truth is we know how to get content punched up and how to appeal to and work with the influencers critical in your social media sphere.

Whether you need content, management, or coaching, let us help you come up with a successful plan to grow your following, improve your visability, and optimize your content so your social media starts working for you.

We successfully schedule hundreds of content items across dozens of digital campaigns every week.

We reach voters, customers, subscribers, and visitors wherever they are and wherever you need to find them.


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